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Personal Training, EFT & Hypnotherapy Testimonial

Ten years ago, Jim Murgatroyd was recommended to me by a friend during a conversation about personal training.

I wasnt in a good place at the time. I have a history of panic disorder and my attacks had returned. My confidence and self-worth had never been lower. It took a while but that phone call turned out to be the most important I've ever made.

I started personal training with Jim. The physical and mental benefits were amazing very quickly. I also began hypnotherapy and reiki sessions to help with my anxiety and confidence. The combination of physical training, hypnotherapy and reiki has given me more strength and resilience than I could have imagined.

18 months ago my Dad was diagnosed with a terminal brain tumor and I began to feel my stress and anxiety returning. Jim introduced me to EFT. He taught me the technique in one session and I couldn't believe the difference I felt after just one hour. He also gave me the tools to practice at home when I needed it.

My Dad passed away 12 months ago. I wanted to carry him at the funeral. I was using EFT to manage my anxiety but as the day got closer I began to develop a fear of having a panic attack on the day.

I was booked for a personal training session with Jim that morning but ended up having EFT and hypnotherapy. I left Jim's with a sense of calm and strength and was able to carry my Dad that afternoon.

Jim's training, therapy and care has made me the person I am today and for that, I will always be thankful that I met him.

Thank you Jim

Positive Thinking and Sports Therapy Testimonial

Jim has been a positive force in my life for many years and has helped me recover from a number of physical injuries. I've always been a very active person and met Jim through my rugby team.

After injuring my lower back lifting a freezer out of my garage I asked Jim for help with my rehabilitation. My injury prevented me from performing any strenuous activity at all. Even putting my socks on was painful! Exercise has always been my outlet and during the winter time, my injury left me feeling quite low and depressed.

Jim has a fun, positive way about him and soon had me laughing and feeling better about myself. We did some positive thinking hypnotherapy sessions which to be honest helped with my patience and frustration. Jim also did some sports massage and stretching sessions, which definately helped with the muscular pain in my back.

I'm now back to full fitness and enjoying my active lifestyle again. Top man!

Thanks Jim,

Stu Mortimer

Hypnosis Testimonial

I've known Jim for many years through training, having massages and more recently hypnotherapy. I consider Jim a friend who's always quick with a joke and fun to be around. During a visit I asked him for his help. I play a lot of golf and consider myself to be a fair player. My issues were anxiety, frustration and confidence. And anyone who plays golf will know exactly what I mean. Jim advised hypnosis and I'm so happy he did . Jim puts you at ease which put me into a very relaxed state of mind. My session with him as been a success. My subconscious mind has almost been trained. Thought process re-evaluated into positivity and less anxious when things go wrong. I won my next competition and my handicap as come down. Whenever I feel the need to remind myself of my hypnosis I will listen to the CD of my session. I would highly recommend the services of Jim Murgatroyd. Apart from improving my sports performance he's improved my whole persona . No one wants to be around someone who throws tantrums and clubs.

Thanks Jim

Paul Robinson

Fear of Heights Testimonial

For years I've missed out on doing things with my friends and family such as Blackpool Tower, theme park rides, visiting many of the land marks in New York. I had a massive fear of heights. My partner and I had a trip to Abu Dhabi and Dubai organised and also a skiing trip. I knew I have issues at both but and wasn't looking forward to it really.

One day my partner met Jim and asked if he could help. I wasn't sceptical at all, I knew needed all the help I could get if I wanted to enjoy my life to the full.

I went along to his home and Jim taught me a few strategies to manage my fear. He's so professional and made me feel totally at ease. Just to be sure I went back 2 weeks later where Jim went through some more ways to control my anxiety. I listened to the recording Jim gave me for 2 weeks before going to Abu Dhabi. I was excited to see if I could do it. I did. 23 floors up in a hotel bar, I sat on the balcony and had an amazing cocktail with my partner and his family.

3 weeks later I had a family holiday in France skiing, the lifts were high, but no problem. Then I got the lift to the highest mountain. 2000 meters up. I stood with everyone else and looked at the view of Mont Blanc. Never in my life would I have done that.

Just amazing.

Hypnosis and Anxiety Testimonial

After suffering a severe hiatus hernia whilst lifting at work, I was left with breathing difficulties for many months. I began to think the injury was permanent and that I would need surgery. I entered a depressed state and entertained some pretty catastrophic thinking and ideas at the time. A friend suggested that I go and see Jim so that he could help me deal with the mental side of my injury. Jim was very professional, listened to my problems and gave me a customised hypno CD to help me with my positive thinking. This helped to give me a better outlook and taught me to manage my thoughts much better.

I'm now back to full fitness and life is good again.

Thanks Jim

Mark Mortimer (Mortimer Plumbing and Heating)

Angela Baker

Relaxation Testimonial

Jim’s voice is well recognised in our family. A number of years ago, Jim helped me to prepare for an Ironman and, as part of his immeasurable support, he produced some relaxation CD’s. We have kept them ever since and they are on our family playlists. My wife and I will occasionally stop on a long journey, close our eyes and listen to Jim’s soothing words before continuing on refreshed. In a busy world, Jim’s words offer a tranquil retreat as well as a rapid recharge.

Doctor JDB

Stress and Anxiety Testimonial

Having found myself in a very dark place and not knowing where to turn or how to overcome the stress and anxiety issues I was facing on a daily basis I was introduced to Jim. After only one session and being completely open with Jim I found my confidence levels lifted and I had a much more positive outlook on work and life in general, the techniques Jim showed me worked wonders. Thanks again

Richard Marshall

Hypnotherapy Testimonial

Earlier this year I was preparing for a charity event which was going to push me beyond my limits both physically and mentally. I was about to cycle to Paris from Knaresborough, run the Paris marathon and cycle back, cycling nearly 800 miles and running a marathon over a period of 5 days in aid of Macmillan’s. Prior to this I’d completed 4 Ironman events however this was different as firstly it was considerably more demanding and over five days not one, but secondly it was a team event and I needed to be as fit as my counterparts, in Ironman you are competing against yourself.

I was recommended to contact Jim in order to help me focus mentally for what was ahead. I needed to be disciplined in my training whilst managing the stresses and strains of work & family life, mental strength training was a fundamental part of this process. I was sceptical about hypnotherapy but was at a point where I needed to throw everything at it in order to succeed.

Jim’s approach was exactly what I needed. He instantly put me at ease with his down to earth, no nonsense style and the session that we had along with the follow ups still live with me now. “I can, I shall, I will” still echos in my subconscious just when I need to call on it.

As a result of my experience I would recommend hypnotherapy as a fantastic way to prepare yourself mentally or cope with whatever life is throwing at you. I would go on to absolutely recommend Jim as a hypnotherapist, he has a warm character and a natural ability to make you feel comfortable in his presence. His own life experiences allow you to quickly gain an affinity and understanding, which in turn allow him to do his job remarkably well!

Steve Richards

Financial Controller

Fear of Hospitals Testimonial

I lost both my parents within two years of each other when I was younger. One was through losing a cancer battle and the other was through a freak accident on a farm.

I never realised I had such a fear of hospitals until I fell pregnant a few years later and the thoughts of having to go into a 'medical place' with that 'medical smell' and be surrounded by 'medical equipment' made me feel scared. I'm not sure why but I'm guessing it's down to the fact I've seen both parents enter the hospital doors and never came out again, I thought 'that might happen to me'.

I'd known Jim for a few years at this point and he said he could help…..well he certainly did!

I'd heard of hypnotherapy but to be honest wasn't sure what it was all about. I went for several visits and knew instantly I was being listened to and could tell Jim had a genuine desire to help. Following a few visits to see Jim I'd learned how to relax, in fact I think I actually fell asleep in one session! I put myself in the place I knew I had no option to go to 'Hospital' and it almost felt calming. Jim also produced some relaxation CD's for me to take home which I listened to most days, these taught me how to relax and sink into a lovely calm feeling.

So the day arrived, obviously mixed emotions as I was so looking forward to meeting my Daughter but those thoughts/feelings I'd had of walking through the hospital doors and into a medical room just weren't there as I'd imagined. It's all so vivid, I got out of the car and insisted I went to get the car park ticket, then walked through the doors to reception. I was taken up to the labour ward in a lift and given my room - still I was calm - going through all the relaxation techniques I'd been given by Jim.

Well I had the easiest labour, no stress, no fear, just determination and I was actually very calm even telling my Husband to relax and calm down!

I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Jim for help with any stresses, fears, anxieties - a true professional with obvious years of knowledge and experience - my Hero!!

Confidence / Belief in Myself Testimonial

I have known Jim for many years having met through his fantastic personal training. I'd always enjoyed exercise but through training with Jim I certainly learned how to train properly and push myself to achieve results/goals I never thought were possible. 20+ years later I am still a huge fan of exercise particularly cycling.

Last Summer I was invited to take part in a Macmillan Fundraising challenge along with 12 others to cycle to Paris and back in 5 days - 840 miles. This is something that would certainly take me way out of my comfort zone. The event was to take place in April this year so I had months and months of training time and it all seemed an exciting doable challenge for a very worthwhile cause. Jim was part of the team and helped/supported us so much with the preparation with training tips, words of motivation when the winter training got tough, offer of indoor training classes when it just wasn't possible to get out on the bike.

The months crept by and the event got closer. A week or so before we were due to depart I suddenly started to have feelings of panic 'can I actually do this?', 'What if I let the whole team down?'etc etc I contacted Jim to ask for help and am so glad I did.

I told Jim just how I felt and immediately I could tell he understood what I meant. He put his relaxing/tapping techniques into place. I was given several CD's to listen to aimed to help the worries I was having. I always remember in the session Jim telling me 'This is your Wembley'. I did feel at ease and his encouragement made me feel so much better about the whole thing.

The day arrived for the challenge and I felt so focused - I so wanted to complete the challenge telling myself 'I can do this', 'I will do this' all deriving from the initial session with Jim.

I was so glad Jim was part of the team and with us along the way driving the support vehicle, offering massage, giving motivational words over the 5 days, ensuring we were fed and watered so well. The challenge was certainly a tough one, the weather was against us, and with lack of sleep and the need to constantly eat and drink, each day was quite a challenge - I'll never forget one particular day Jim had stopped at the side of the road to clap and shout motivational words - I heard him chant 'Wembley' - I can't explain how this made me feel and took me straight back in my mind to his session 'This is your Wembley' from that point on I just knew I was going to complete the challenge. There were times during the long days I had to give myself a talking to - all the words I spoke to myself were the tips/ideas Jim had put into my mind.

I always thought exercise and its limits were just a physical thing around fitness, I have since learned having mental strength and belief in yourself goes such a long way.

To this day I don't know if the whole challenge would have gone as well as it did for me without Jims expertise and knowledge and I will be forever grateful. An experience I will never forget and should the occasion arise where I'm challenged to do something again I wouldn't hesitate in contacting Jim - Anything is Possible!

Stress / Anxiery: Father of the Bride Speech

I knew what I wanted to say in my speech, the problem was its delivery. I wanted to start by including a toast to my daughter's mum, who we had lost when she was 12. Every time I practised the toast the emotion reduced me to an incoherent wreck and ruined the lovely things I really wanted to say to my Daughter.

I made contact with Jim who was glad to help me....we started with relaxation and breathing exercises.I repeatedly went over the speech maybe five times a session, using microphone and props and sometimes with an audience of Jim's clients and friends. Jim's mantra was always Perfect practice makes perfect.

The wedding was last week, I was confident and ready and honestly looking forward to saying the things Dads should say to their Daughters on their wedding day. It was brilliant.. I was brilliant, everyone said so, I was so proud of myself.without Jim I dread to think how it would have gone. Whilst I was still sat at the Top table I texted Jim..I've nailed it mate and I had.


Stress / Anxiety: Anxiety and a lack of confidence at school

I first went to see Jim about 6 years ago, i'd seen his leaflet while waiting for a reflexology session. The reason i was there is because i knew that something was wrong with me but did'nt know what! I picked up the leaflet and read- if you can say yes to five or more from any of the following you could have depression !out of 38 i ticked about 34. My life had changed so much in the 6 years leading up to this. I had lost my father, gone through a devorce, moved back to Yorkshire leaving a lovely part of the country, re married and had 2 children, stopped smoking( the list goes on). Although my husband and my 2 girls meant the world to me i'd given up on MY life. I rang Jim and went to see him the next day. He made such a difference, he got me out of the rut that had become normal to me, Within a week i'd gone from not being able to leave the house to having a little part time job. Two weeks later i had a full time job. I have since gained N.V.Q level 2 and level3.I recently completed a course at Leeds university.

Im now seeing the results of Jims work with my daughter. She was suffering from anxiety and a lack of confidence at school. After 2 weeks of help from Jim she's a different girl, full of fun and singing all the way to school without a care in the world, just how an 11 year old should be !

Jim is now working on my mum to help her with her blood pressure, so far she's doing very well.

It is so comforting to know that there is help, it's just knowing where to look.

Confidence Problems: Dawn and Winnie’s Testimonial

In the summer of 2010 I fell off a horse and fractured my sacrum. Over a year later I still have pain in my back and coccyx but I never realised the full extent of damage I did to myself, mentally, that day in regards my confidence with horses.

As the year went by and 2011 approached I knew that I missed riding but how do I find a horse I can trust and who can trust me. In March 2011 I was introduced to Winnie. My riding instructor met Winnie and quickly identified that she was a genuine, kind horse who doesn’t have a bad bone in her body, the problem was her owner – Me.

It was at this point I realised that my confidence had taken such a knock as I no longer enjoyed going to the yard and I felt sick at the thought of having to do something with Winnie.

It got to the point where I either gave up or got some help. In June 2011 I was talking to a colleague at work that was going for physio, a man called Jim. Due to the pain in my back and coccyx I asked for his number, she gave me his card and I noticed he also did hypnotherapy, I’d been thinking about having hypnotherapy but didn’t know where or who to go to.

I contacted Jim and discussed at length my situation I booked a hypnotherapy session for the end of July 2011. We spent a long time talking and Jim told me exactly what he was going to do and at the end I would have a CD to take home. I put the CD of my session onto my I Pod to listen to every day I even took it on holiday I still listento it now.

It wasn’t long until people around me were starting to notice a difference in my attitude and confidence and I was looking forward to going to the yard and seeing Winnie. I recently went on a lovely ride with some friends round Temple Newsome.

Jim has been fantastic; he has listened to many tales about Winnie’s experience with me. Without Jim, Winnie and I wouldn’t have the partnership we have today.

I am now receiving physiotherapy from Jim for my back and coccyx.

Thank you Jim.

Dawn and Winnie

Dental & Hospital problem

I would like to say a very big thankyou for your understanding and help with my dental problem. your tapes helped me with my anxiety of having false teeth and getting used to them.you also helped me to overcome my anxiety as i waited to have a hip operation .

I shall keep the tapes you made for me and will play them if i ever have any problems in the future.

Thanks again Jim you really helped me.


Hypnotherapy: Fulfillment of Potential

To Lifestyle Management Services,

I am writing to show thanks to Jim Murgatroyd and Lifestyle Management Services for the quality service provided at this years FBD Insurance Tour of Ireland bicycle race.

Jims massage and performance hypnotherapy proved invaluable to the whole team over the 9 stages and 8 days of racing. The service took a whole new approach to performance to anything our team which included Olympic and Commonwealth athletes had experienced before. Jim was able not only to cover the duties of a sports therapist which is essential to any athlete but also worked with the mental strength of the team and improved individual performance and equally importantly bonded the team. As any sportsperson knows, dips in form or performance can have a dramatic effect on training and future events. I have found that being guided by a professional in mental fitness can be more dramatic than any physical training programme.

I have used Jims expertise for some years and he helped me in my transition to the sport of cycling and then improve from a complete novice to competing in international events with 12 months. I have won numerous events in both road racing and time trials and I owe a lot of my success to Lifestyle Management Services, helping me recover from injury to come back stronger, to be mentally a stronger athlete and physically with training advice and regular sports therapy.

As a professional in the Health and Fitness Industry and an athlete competing in international level I can recommend Lifestyle Management Services to anyone wanting to rehabilitate, gain fitness and or improve performance physically or mentally. Balancing mental and physical strength will take any athlete to the next level.

Ashley Brown

Ashley Brown Fitness

Stenna Line - Planet X Racing Team

Fear of Flying

Hi Jim

For a large number of years i had developed an acute fear of flying. For several days before the holiday I would feel very anxious and the whole process of packing and organising the holiday got really out of hand to the point where I would be up from about 4am for the week before the trip. The actual time at the airport leading up to the flight was a nightmare only alleviated by tablets and several very large vodkas! None of which made the flight any less of a problem. I would sit throughout most of the flight with my fingers in my ears and was unable to concentrate on anything but the thoughts we were going to crash.

About 4 years ago I contacted Jim and went to see him a few times for hypnosis sessions to help me . I cant begin to explain the difference this has made to me. I no longer fear flying! The period leading up the holiday is quite normal, I often dont even pack till the day we are going, something I could never have done before. I can cope quite well at the airport and on the flight itself.

I have been on several long haul flights, and i have even flown on my own to Spain. Something I would never ever have been able to do without Jims help. I had complete trust and confidence in him, and cannot praise him too highly for how he has helped me. Unless you have this type of fear, you cant really understand what it does to you. I would urge anybody with a similar type of fear to contact Jim, its really changed my life.

Wendy Hobson

Corporate Stress Management Testimonial

Dear Mr Jim Murgatroyd,

Following our recent consultation, I decided to take this opportunity to thank you and your company Lifestyle Management Services for the great work you did in providing advise and support in both the prevention and management of stress.

You are to be applauded in the manner with which you deal with a subject that until recent years has suffered much cynicism.

The combination of your professional approach and down to earth communication in dealing with the subject, provided for a much more expediant understanding of the issures surrounding the onset and management of stress.

Yours Thankfully

Mr A.M. Dyson

Commercial Director


Stopping Smoking Testimonial

Dear Jim,

I am writng to thank you for all the help you gave me in stopping smoking. I recall meeting you some five years ago, at the gym where I saw your advertisement for help with stopping smoking. Being a hardened smoker for some 35 years and at that time smoking 10 cigars a day, I thought I may as well give it a try as I really felt that I had no other way of stopping. I remember going to our appointment with some feelings of apprehension, wondering what would happen and would it work for me. After spending 3 hours with you I was transformed from a man whose life was limited by the affect of smoking, to a man who no longer smoked and who had the opportunity of a much more fulfilled and healthier life ahead of him. I have not smoked at all since then and now feel healthier, happier, richer and in control of my life. I attend the gym 3 times a week, dance, go running and generally live my life to the full. Once again I must thank you so much for your help, I really could not have done this with out you.

Kind regards

Mr Len Baird

Sleep Improvement Testimonial

I fist met Jim Murgatroyd Some 3 months ago, Having tried most of the prescribed and herbal remedies I was advised to try Hypnotherapy.Jim arrived at my home and after talking over my problem and idea of the treatment we made a start I sat in a comfy reclining chair, headphones on listening to soothing background music. I then heard Jims voice quietly giving me instructions on what he wanted me to do during this session. It was a fantastic experience. The session lasted around over an hour, When i woke up i felt wonderful (NO ILL FEELING AT ALL ) I use the cd we made regularly and now enjoy the benefits of good quality sleep.I recommend JIM MURGATROYD very highly to everyone He is sincere and puts his clients totally at ease THANKS JIM


Bob Aston

Stress Management Testimonial

Dear Jim

I write to express my sincere thanks for the coping strategies that your hypnotherapy techniques have given me, and for the mentoring during our long discussions. At the time, being the Operations Director of a rapidly growing company, the pressures I faced left me often wondering if I was pushing the business in the right direction, and no doubt adversely affected my family life and my employees.

Your help and guidance steered me through, and helped me decide on some very important courses of action. Your friendly approach and expertise encouraged me to introduce my wife and my neice to your methods, both of whom have experienced massive moves away from the challenges they faced.

Stay in touch Jim, you may again be the light I need in a moment of darkness!!

Derek Stocks

Sleep Testimonial

In January 2010, I was diagnosed as having cancer. The first casualty was sleep. As I struggled to come to terms with both the diagnosis and to take on board the proposed course of treatment (radiotherapy, surgery etc), my sleep became very shallow and intermittent. I had major surgery in February 2010 and sleep moved from being intermittent to non-existent. The surgery itself was very successful but I soon discovered that hospital is not the best place for rest and relaxation. Unfortunately this did not improve when I was discharged. Post operative discomfort coupled with anxiety resulted in sleep being measured in minutes rather than hours.

At my request my GP prescribed sleeping tablets. They worked in that I quickly went to sleep but within a couple of hours or so I was wide awake. Each morning I felt dreadful; hangover symptoms without the pleasure of having had a drink.

A close friend suggested hypnotherapy. The question was who to use? My chiropractor recommended that I contact Lifestyle Management Services. A telephone call to Jim resulted in an assurance that he could help and a very prompt appointment.

Jim was absolutely true to his word. One session gave me the tools I needed to get the sleep I so desired. Whilst I have yet to achieve unbroken sleep (due to post-operative issues) the sleep I get is deep, relaxing and refreshing. The icing on the cake, however, is that Jim has given me the ability to top-up at anytime throughout the day.

I am really impressed with the aftercare I have received; the follow-up telephone call from Jim, and the open invitation to contact him (which I have done) to discuss anything and everything.

I understand that I am still on a long journey to recovery; the next step being chemotherapy. But I now know how relaxation can help me face whatever is yet to come and I have the comfort and assurance of knowing that Jim is there whenever I need him. I can really face the future with that smile on my face and that spring in my step.

Martin L


Stagefright Testimonial

Dear Jim, and all at Lifestyle-Management Services,

Just had to say a big thank you to you for all your help and support in dealing with what they call Stage Nerves, the implementation of your techniques has led me on the the next stage professionally.

My singing and stage performance has come more alive since coming to you for hypnosis. I couldn't have done it without you.

Gratefully Yours,


Singer, Songwriter, Recording Artist

Controlling Stress Testimonial

Dear Jim

Having been a customer of Jim’s through his Personal Training Programme I learned of his Stress Counselling classes.

It wasn’t long before the company I am a director of explored the possibilities of engaging Jim’s skills in this. As a holiday and coach tour company our drivers not only have to deal with the pressures of today’s overcrowded road network but also with the demands placed on them by our customers and other road users. It became evident very early that our drivers were benefiting from the technique employed by Jim and these benefits included increased patience, a better understanding of our customers needs and requirements, how to better interpret and deal with stressful situations, a more considerate relationship with their colleagues and in many cases just how to relax and the pluses this would provide them with. Jim also worked very successfully with a supervisory member of our staff, once more with almost instantaneous results as this person became a far more relaxed and approachable person by following Jim’s instructions and guidelines. Like any other business we are very cost conscious but have to say the gains made by utilising Jim’s skills far outweigh the monetary cost to our company.

John Hancock


Clarkson’s Holidays & Coach Hire