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Emotional Freedom Techniques

Negative emotions can be caused by a disruption of the body’s energy systems. It's also widely accepted that physical pain and disease are closely linked to these negative emotions. Everything in the body is connected, so your health must be approached as a whole.

Your body, is made up of energy systems. Through EFT Tapping, you can restore balance to these energy systems. You can repair the negative emotions and any physical symptoms that stem from these energy imbalances.

EFT Tapping is easy and painless. It is really simple and can be taught to anyone. You can self-administer the treatment any time. It gives you the ability to heal yourself and puts you back in control.

I am fully trained in EFT tapping and can show you how to use these techniques.

Please watch the YouTube video below for an introduction to EFT Tapping, presented by Gary Craig...

Click here to view video.